JavaScript: Appending a parameters to url and refreshing the page.

First off this is not my code but I really wanted to share because it works great ツ Hats off to Yeyo:   Add the bellow code in a script tag: Code to run the above function:  

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SharePoint: People Picker values displaying HTML Syntax in DispForm

I created a new DispForm.aspx for a document library and the people picker fields (multiple selection), by default, were displaying the HTML Syntax. Luckily it was a really easy fix ツ Open SharePoint Designer and navigate to the library. Open the display form in Advance Mode Find the XSL code for the particular people picker Add the… Read more »

InfoPath 2013: Custom rule to check and format telephone number

How I want the telephone number formatted: (919) 555-1212 Steps: First create a Text(string) Phone Number field. See the Field Properties below for the example. Click Manage Rules in the ribbon Click the arrow on the New button and then click Action Click the FX button

Sharepoint: Table of list template IDs

Template ID Description 1200 Administrator tasks list 104 Announcements list 303 Blog Categories list 302 Blog Comments list 301 Blog Posts list 105 Contacts list 120 Custom grid for a list 118 Custom Workflow Process 130 Data Connection library 110 Data sources 108 Discussion board 101 Document library 106 Events list 150 Gantt Tasks list… Read more »

PNG Files Do Not Show Transparency in Internet Explorer 8

Issue: If you browse to a Web page (using Internet Explorer 8) that contains an image that has a transparent background in PNG format, the image background may appear to be gray rather than transparent. Solution: Add the below code to the Image CSS:

SharePoint – CQWP – XSLT in ItemStyle to Format Created Date

The goal is to display the created date with the full month and day: Add the following namespace attribute to the root xsl:stylesheet element in ItemStyle: Create an xsl:variable element: Use the variable:

SharePoint 2010 – WebPart Header Rounded Corners

Lets use some fancy CSS3 properties to add rounded corners to the Webpart header bar. This solution won’t work in IE7 or IE8 but should work in IE9, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Have a look:

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